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Cipollini. Translated from Italian as simply "little onions," these flat, disk-shaped varieties hit their peak in the fall and last through January. Known for exceptional flavor and sweetness, cipollini are often roasted or braised whole.


Primarily found in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Florida (USA), we are currently in our 3rd generation of American-born ancestors of Italian descent. We are originally from the Naples (Avellino, Campania) and Florence (Lucca) areas and boast several generations of exceptional athletes, artists and business persons. Here are some interesting links for your reading pleasure:


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Andrea Cipollini

Carrie Cipollini

Cesare Cipollini

Christian Cipollini

Donald Cipollini

Gary Cipollini

Joanne Cipollini

Joseph Cipollini

Kendra Cipollini

Mario Cipollini

Mario Cipollini (Photo Essay by Graham Watson

Mary Jo Cipollini

Martin Cipollini

Oliverio P. Cipollini, JR.

Paolo Cipollini

Ray Cipollini

Tony Cipollini


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